About the company: Visume Online Inc is based on New York, USA and offers Human Resource automation solutions to Enterprises. It was incorporated in 2019 and is currently operating out of United States and India.   About the Product: Visume.online is a cloud based SaaS product that employs Robotic Process Automation and AI concepts to enable recruiters to quickly hire the right candidate with the right skills for the right job. It is a full-featured Applicant Tracking System that covers end-to-end recruitment process right from sourcing to onboarding of candidates.   Product Functionality: Sourcing: Get consolidated view of your candidate pipeline by automatically sourcing candidates from job portals, email inbox and local drives. Candidate profiles are also sorted by relevancy and checked for duplicity. Retargeting: Retarget the earlier candidates in the historical databases (organic or acquired). The candidates are continually matched for new opportunities that match their skills, and the most relevant candidates are automatically engaged. Video Engagement: Capture insights on candidate persona to understand the communication and presentation skills. Short introductory video profile of the candidate gives the "Blink Moment" to recruiters for quicker shortlisting Smart Evaluation: Candidate are automatically evaluated and matched with the skills required for the job. Candidates can be evaluated based on video interviews, analytical quizzes or even subjective questions using NLP techniques. Collaborative Scorecard: A consolidated and collaborative scorecard is maintained across the candidate lifecycle. The insights are obtained from multiple levels of evaluation - both by the human recruiters as well as the automated evaluation. Offer Management: Manage the offer lifecycle including Offer Creation, Approval, Delivery and Acceptance by the candidates. Prebuilt templates speed-up the creation of offers.


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