Hospitality technology is an ever-evolving art. One of the many, Pure ITES delivers latest IT related services to the booming hospitality industry and being an all-inclusive service provider, we cater to all aspects of the hospitality industry be it F&B, Hotels and Hostels, Recreation, Travel & Tourism and more. We help you find the most efficient and cost-effective path to meet the demands of your business as well as the demands of your guests. From effortlessly booking hotel rooms to streamlining restaurant bill to hotel folio, you can leverage our streamlined high-tech solutions to optimize your hospitality business and enrich guest experience. Additionally, the streamlined solutions decrease cost and increase yield per guest. The technology also enables your to upsell and cross-sell services through connectivity on multiple channels. To understand the latest trends and practices, we collect and study customer data from various sources such as the Point-of-Sales (POS) applications, loyalty programs, CRM systems, and other fulfillment channels. Thus, with the help of this data and meaningful insights, we deliver solutions that match your expectations and help you enhance your business. Accelerate your business with trusted, integrated hotel-management solutions, point-of-sale, distribution solutions and more. Whatever your business requirements, we will provide you with the reliability and flexibility you need.


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