We have a friendly and professional trained team that analyze your vehicle's problem spots. There are many contaminants that damage your car's finish such as bird droppings, tar, bugs and others. We are skilled workers that work in egg, tar and brake dust too or just about anything. If you have a special concerns on it bring them to us for our attention.  We provide extra services such as tyre shine, wheel cleaner, undercarriage protection, and wax sealer on reasonable prices. Our areas of washing are well lit, clean, and available 24 hours a day for your convenience.            If your car needs internal cleanliness such as dust, dirt, and stains they can be easily removed and replaced with a fresh, clean and dust free vehicle by our expert technicians. Our team members strive to give you 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our team does everything possible that could address to your concerns. We provide exceptional services to you and your vehicle care needs. We suggest you with possible remedies that may require more attention or specialized products. We have a vast network of car wash knowledge. We are updated with all the equipments, trends, cleaning solutions and environment related information. We provide our customers with best car washing experience. We have unique mechanized car cleaning methods with our latest equipments including high pressure cleaning machines, high powered vacuum cleaners, spray injection, extraction machines, and steam cleaners. We provide you 100% environmental friendly washing as our each car wash saves 200 litres of water. We use 100% natural and soluble cleaning agents with zero ‘toxic runoff’ or water pollution. We provide you complete vehicle wash with wax, protection and polish faster than a traditional wash. We use only natural wax from the Carnauba Palm. This incredible eco-friendly product ensures a shiny finish which doesn’t damage the vehicle’s paint. We promise to provide UV paintwork protection without discolouration. Our wax isn’t sensitive to temperatures like other wax which becomes sticky, attracting dust and insects. So, now you sit and watch movie at home and see your car cleaned. http://k3carcare.com #SteamcarwashinVaranasi  #CarWashserviceinVaranasi #DoorstepcarwashinVaranasi #CarwashathomeinVaranasi   


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