Quentelle delivers a suite of HR solutions powered by an award-winning technology platform. Our solutions include screening for Work Opportunity Tax Credits and other point-of-hire credits, verification of employment and income, administration of unemployment benefits claims and unemployment tax consulting services.

Technology and innovation is our team’s passion, and we love to share our story and how Quentelle has evolved to become who we are today. Several years ago, Walton Management Services, a leading provider of employment tax credits sought to disrupt its industry by developing a leading-edge technology platform that could scale with ease and crunch through large volumes of complex data from multiple sources.

Developing such a system required the talent and expertise of some of the most innovative minds in the industry, backed and led by Walton’s executive leaders. Shortly after launching an all-new technology platform called ForeSite, Walton’s business was transformed entirely by digitizing its operations which yielded unprecedented operational efficiencies, streamlining its client service and user experience and achieving an exponential growth. To the extent, that in 2015, our platform was recognized as one of the Top 10 emerging technologies by the American Staffing Association.