Zoylo is a revolutionary digital healthcare portal with map-based platform that brings a plethora of healthcare services accessible to the people in the most convenient manner. Through its web platform and hybrid mobile app, it connects users to a number of service providers for quick reference, online appointment booking, wellness services, and purchase of healthcare products through just a few clicks. The primary products of Zoylo are online appointment booking services, online diagnostic appointment booking services, healthcare benefit card, online pharmacy, hospitals and treatment packages, wellness services, medical tourism, online consultations, and electronic medical records.  This product enables people to enter their location or speciality service they are looking for and a list of respective services would be displayed to let the user take an informed decision based on the given options. It simply makes accessible all the options available in a given area for the people to choose the best option instead of accepting any service due to lack of information. Also, the availability of the complete profile of service provider and real-time reviews of patients enable people to take informed decision.  Zoylo is emerging as an entire ecosystem of healthcare services where users would get health benefits and service providers would grow in a digital environment that is progressive and cohesive. With the ease of digital practice management, the service providers would become more efficient and the electronic health records would help users manage their health records easily and accurately. In a whole, this is a very thriving model of e-healthcare that takes care of each of its entity to ensure a healthy and happy India. 


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