Life Standards is a state-of-the-art fitness and exercise physiology center near Lokhandwala circle Mumbai that follows exercise regimes and fitness schedules which abide by the guidelines of AHA and ACSM. We are experts in various fields of medical sciences, which is why we have been able to successfully come up with the best cardiac rehabilitation, cardiology, exercise physiology, diabetology, psychiatry, physiotherapy, and external counter pulsation ECP treatment near Lokhandwala Mumbai. And, with a team of experienced doctors working with us full-time, we have succeeded in offering health facilities like no other! We can plan a perfectly customized exercise prescription for you, depending upon your individual requirements, body type, personality, and medical history. And, along with these fitness and exercise regimes, we also provide advice on the consequences of engaging into wrong or incorrect forms of exercise or physical activity, thus improving the overall quality of life of our clients.. Understanding that every client is special, we focus on individual client records too. This is why for clients suffering from ailments like heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and obesity, we offer medical screening and supervision throughout their exercise session. We also have specialized cardiac rehabilitation and preventive cardiology units, where consultations regarding cardiology, diabetology, and psychiatrics are executed; thus making us one of the most popular cardiac rehabilitation centres in Mumbai. You can choose from a variety of different packages that we have to offer. Apart from the basic, gold, deluxe, and platinum packages, we have also set up specialized cardiac rehabilitation and mixed martial arts packages. And, every package that we offer comes with a doctor and nutritionist consultation, which means you get everything with perfection! With all these packages, we aim to reduce incidences of various non-communicable diseases and promote healthy and happy living among all age groups of the society. Thus, when you are looking for dependable fitness centres and cardiac rehab centers near Lokhandwala Mumbai, remember that you can rely upon Life Standards fitness gyms near Four Bunglows Mumbai for all your health requirements.


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1303, Aston, 13th floor, Sunderban Complex, Above Mercedes Benz Showroom, Lokhandwala Road, Andheri (West)