Ayurveda refers to the ancient medical system originated in India. Ayurveda is also considered as the medical science that deals with all the matters related to day to day life, longevity and health. It is also known as the traditional medicine native to India and is now practiced all over the globe. It is the ancient medical system which is completely based on experience and observation. Ayurveda is also being used in modern India as Ayurveda has numerous benefits. Ayurveda has been reached in many countries and people are taking benefits ofAyurveda. We at Rishikesh comes with the idea of spreading the knowledge of ayurveda and its benefits all over the world with the objective of making whole world fit, healthy and relaxing through Yoga practices, ayurveda treatments, pranayama and meditation. Rishikesh is an exotic place located at the foothills of the Himalayas close to the river Ganges, the city is surrounded by the spiritual vibrations and mystic elements. The environment of the city will give you the soothing freshness and makes you relaxing and joyable. We have planned 7 or 14 daysyoga and ayurveda retreats in order to make you refreshing from your daily hectic working schedule. There are some tour packages for you in order to explore more. Rishikesh is a perfect destination to practice yoga in the serene environment near to the River Ganges. We have planned a perfect package to remove your tiredness from your hectic schedule and to find the real you. It is a place to explore, enjoy and make you refreshing. Meditation helps you to relax your mind and refreshes you. Ayuveda is also known for its medicative properties it helps you to cure from your diseases from the roots. There are some other processes in Ayurveda which helps in rejuvenation and refreshes you such as detoxification. If you are interested in learning Indian Cooking, then Indian Cooking Classes are here waiting for you. Now you can enjoy your complete journey with us without any worries. We are help to at every step of your journey. So no need to worries enjoy your journey at its fullest.  


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