Sound Innovators can carry a curated selection of brands and product lines that meet your precise requirements. We thoroughly analyze the latest products as they launched in the market and we propose the appropriate products at the competitive price point for our customers.

We offer a variety of services from Designing the music zone, Demonstration, Installation, System integration, Restoration & Repair of components as per your requirements.

"We Don't Just Sell Products, We Give Solutions."


A strong, positive relationship is at the core of every AV consultation.

Our audio-visual consulting services begin with an in-depth conversation and analysis to discover your Requirement. For your existing Music Zone, We analyze your existing audio-visual systems and recommend if any up gradation is required.

Our experts provide you with appropriate options for Audio Video Components from various options available in the industry as per your requirement.

You've just wrapped up a call with our expert. They're interested in working with you.



Sound Innovators has created some of the most sophisticated home theatres across India. Our services range from the modest media room centered around a flat panel screen to the dedicated home theatre with a 7.2 sound system or Atmos home theatres. We work with you to create the best theatre for your lifestyle.

Our experts can guide you to choose the right products as per your requirement for Example - Screen projector, Automated screen, Recliners, Automated control system, All kinds of speakers, subwoofers, Music zone acoustics & isolation as well as décor of your theatre.


We provide High Fidelity stereo systems from around the world for the best music experience with aesthetic value for the music zone.

All types of Speakers, DAC, Integrated amplifier, Pre/Power amplifier, Cables & Interconnects

We can recommend you the finest music components.


Home automation is simple to control of all the different electronic components in your home, which include lighting control, shades and window coverings, electric doors and windows, HVAC, distributed audio and video, access control, security and surveillance, pool/spa, or anything else that you can plugin. We provide a unified, simple interface to control all devices.

We design, install and program lighting systems that you can control from your phone or through keypads around your house.


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