CROYANCE Automotive is an up and upcoming brand in the automotive sector. It is one of the best manufacturers of Commercial Electric Vehicles in the Indian Marketspace. Being eco-friendly and cost-effective, our vehicles provide the best quality of rides and ownership as they are fuel efficient and emit no harmful gases and thus preserve our natural environment.  CROYANCE Automobiles is committed to providing the best quality commercial vehicles and good customer experience. The Management Team comprises of eminent industry experts who bring a wealth of knowledge that helps in strategic decision making towards improving operations and performance. CROYANCE is manufacturing India’s first electric vehicles which are specially built for the modern age. The vehicle is battery powered and has a direct drive transmission ideal for E-commerce, cold storage services and transportation of high-value loads. Established in 2015 and founded by Mr. Sandeep S, CROYANCE Automotive is a new and fresh approach to making electrical commercial vehicles. Corporate citizenship is embedded in its DNA and it is continuously endeavoring towards Sustainability and reliability.


Client Details

CROYANCE AUTOMOTIVE PRIVATE LIMITED Fortune Square-II, 514, 5th Floor, Vapi-Chala Road, Vapi