Have you ever wondered about the potency of the marijuana or cannabis product you are about to consume? It is important to know about the potency of the various cannabinoids found in marijuana products or even cannabis plans. It will help you in taking proper precautions and will help in the proper intake. It is important to run tests to know the percentage of cannabinoids in these products. Tests are mandatory in almost every country and state. This is where our marijuana test kits come into play. Our marijuana test kits or THC test kits are based on the idea of Thin Layer Chromatography. The innovative technique allows us to get the best and most accurate result in no time. Not just that, it is a portable test kit that will allow you to test the marijuana potency at any given point of time. You can use our test kit to compare with lab testing methods like the GC technique. The results will be similar. Our test kits have turned crucial in finding the percentage of Tetrahydrocannabinol and other cannabinoids. With the test kit, you will receive some important test materials like dye, test plates etc.. Once these are over, you can order the test kit refill as well. All our test kits and techniques are registered and patented. It is safe to use and allowed in all the states. Not just American states, we are registered to sell in Canada as well. These test kits work on plant material as well as oils, edibles, and tinctures. Overall, it is one of the most versatile and mobile THC test kits you will find on the internet. Order the test kit now and stay safe.   Get in touch with us at: 1750 Delta Waters Rd, Medford Oregon, U.S.A E-mail: thctestkits@gmail.com Ph. 541-690-1000(message machine)


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