Mindrill started its journey as a hand held rock drilling machine manufacturer in the year 1971 with a group of competent & professional people. Today, it is one of the leading construction and mining equipment manufacturer in India. For almost 50 years, the company has been delivering the best rock drills to its customers globally. Mindrill has established its niche as a prime construction and mining equipment suppliers in both the international and domestic market.Its outstanding services to customers by supplying high-grade quality pneumatic drill on time has increased its clientele base. The company offers a wide range of high quality products. Product catalogue includes items like: • Sinker Drills • Jackleg Drills • Stoper Drills • Pavement Breakers • DTH Hammers • Hydraulic Drifters • Pneumatic Drifters • Drill Rigs • Pneumatic Breakers & Picks • Lubricators • Drill Bits • Spare Parts • Accessories Moreover MINDRILL has even become one of the supreme manufacturers of spare parts and accessories across the world. Its specialization in this sector includes production of Coupling sleeves, Air-line Accessories, DTH Button Bits, Top Hammer Button Bits, Shank Adopters and Chisels for Pneumatic Breakers.   Constant effort and hard work has helped to acquire a great fame in the automotive (replacement) industry. Since its arrival in the market, it has been constantly providing the best after-market parts to the business owners associated with construction & mining industries. These include Rock Drills, Breakers, DTH Hammers and Drifters. Business Operations MINDRILL has got an extended setup in more than 25 countries across the world, including Canada, USA, South Africa, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The company is further planning to amplify its distribution centers in Australia, USA, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Columbia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Dubai and UK. The organization has stood as a successful distributor in the international market. Apart from that, it had also been serving the domestic customers efficiently. More than 50 distributors are working across the Indian subcontinent to cater the needs of the domestic market. Sections of Business Operations Mindrill provides innovative technical solutions to meet the diversified demand of customers associated with mining & construction industry. Entire business grouped into three responsible areas: • Research & development • Production • Sales & Logistics There is a team of responsible and dedicated people for product designing, testing and validation. Presently, the company has opted for contract manufacturing of equipments & machinery as per customer’s demands and necessity with the aim to expand its manufacturing capacity. Organization Capabilities Our proficiency as a hand held rock drilling machine has come with the years experience. Located in Howrah, India, the manufacturing plant, including the corporate office covers an area of 1, 10000 sq feet. Our R&D department is capable to design new products requested by the customers. To produce products of supreme quality, MINDRILL uses high-class machines like VMC milling, HMC milling, CNC turning, Gun Drilling, Multi-Station Broaching, Multi-Spindle Milling, CNC Grinding, and Laser etching with atmospheric forbidden sealed satiate heat treatment furnace. The organization has immensely increased its productive capability with the use of a series of 5-axis VMCs (vertical machining centers) installed for dangerous construction along with minimal setups applauded with CMM & deep hole drilling. At the end all products need to go through an iron-fisted quality control system that has ultimately helped MINDRILL to supply products of highest quality. MINDRILL is on its verge to inflate its product list. It is constantly making an endeavor to manufacture optimum wireless accessories for Core Drilling and Hydraulic Drifters. Besides this, it is also attempting to begin the production of hydraulic accessory, components and appurtenances for mining & construction industry.


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