Massey Funerals is a funeral services company in Delhi. It has an ancestral experience of over 4 decades in undertaking various funerals in Delhi, Transportation of Body/Ashes, Coffin Manufacturing, Ambulance Services, Tombstone Work, Flower Arrangementand Cremation Services. We render services to all religions across the world. Our team works round the clock to cater to the best services and help to bide warm goodbyes to your loved ones. 


Our philosophy is simple – to provide a compassionate, professional service to every family we are privileged to serve. Losing a loved one is never an easy time, and the burden of having to make funeral arrangements while you grieve can cause a great deal of strain. We understand this, and we are here to help. 


We aim to offer mourning families the highest standard of professional care at affordable prices, and our ambition is to continually earn the reputation as the number one funeral home in India. Our commitment and belief in what we do are reflected in our services, dedication, and professionalism of our employees and in the comfortable and spacious facilities we offer. 


 Our charges for services include 24-hours availability of staff, consultation and arrangements with family, clergy, cemetery, preparing, filing and securing notices, authorization and permits, assistance with forms, and notary service.  



  • Dispatching of dead body/ashes- Everybody wants to be with their loved ones for their last journey on land. Everyone wishes to perform the last rites altogether and bid a final goodbye to the precious gems of their lives. Here we are, to help you out! So that you don’t miss out on your precious one’s last journey. We help to transport the dead bodies/ remains within the city, from city to city, from state to state, or from country to country. There are some rules and regulations that need to be kept in mind and some documents that are needed while the transportation.
  • Ambulance services(road-rail air)- We have made it possible to bring your precious ones back home according to your convenience either by road, railways or by airlifting.

  • Cremation services- When grieving for a loved one who has recently passed, the last thing you need is complication and difficulty with the funeral arrangements. Whatever type of funeral ceremony you desire for your loved one, it is our mission to meet your wishes. If you are looking to hold a cremation in Delhi. we are more than happy to arrange services to suit all cultural and religious needs. The crematorium is set in peaceful surroundings and provides an appropriate location to pay your final respects in a solemn, dignified manner.

  • Funeral arrangements- We understand just how hard it is to lose a loved one. Grieving for a close family member or friend is difficult to deal with. In the middle of all those emotions, the responsibility of making funeral arrangements can be a heavy burden to bear. 
  • That is why our experienced and compassionate teams are here to help. We can take on all aspects of planning a funeral to give you the time and space to come to terms with your loss. Or, we can work with you to provide professional support to help lighten the load. 

    In all cases, we will make the funeral arrangements according to your instructions to deliver exactly the kind of ceremony and commemoration you and your family desire. We do everything we can to accommodate all requirements, regardless of faith, belief or culture.

  • Manufacturing of coffin boxes- “Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again” -William Shakespeare. The one who has gone has left us with so many memories. A coffin box is the last memory of the person who has left. Now it's our time to create the last memory for them and bid a final goodbye in the most memorable way. 
  • We provide with the best-customized coffin boxes in different shapes and sizes according to your demands. A dead body box is also available so that the human remains can be transported from one place to another safely by any mode of transport. ( road, railways, air) It is built strongly especially for transportation to avoid any accidents to the dead remains.

  • Embalming- WHAT IS EMBALMING?- it is a process of sterilizing the dead body and protecting it from decaying. In ancient times, The greeks wanted the dead bodies of their heroes to be preserved during the days of mourning to proceed the final rites. People in ancient times used different solutions for preservation. For Example- vinegar, wine, honey, strong spirits, different spices, etc. 
  • Embalming- The procedure starts with the permission of the family, including -when and how the cremation has to be done, and the medical certificate of the dead body. The process takes a few hours, proper planning, consideration and right chemical/solution selection. It is mostly done when the dead body has to be transported by air or railways.


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