Effem Technologies is well connected throughout the country with thanks to its impressive product range for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, automobile & other industries. We are providing the best products to our clients. Mainly we are engaged in the manufacturer and supplier of stability chamber, viscometer, walk in chamber, stability humidity chamber, moisture balance, tintometer instruments, photostability chamber, Shimazu analytical balance, ohaus analytical balance, and many more products for pharmaceutical industries. Also, as India was slowly emerging as a market-ready for new product categories with sound technical support and trustworthy equipment, Effem was one of the first companies to recognize this trend in consumer psyche and decided to introduce its Laboratory equipment range. And needless to say in the customer preference with surprising momentum. Also, Effem Technologies spotted an opportunity in the then much-crowded unorganized sector.


Stability Chamber Manufacturer

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A high-end and affordable Stability Chamber is available for meeting the demands of pharmaceutical testing labs. It is provided for precise monitoring of humidity as well as temperature in different industries from chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical to researching labs. This is available in a unique design for better energy efficiency. In addition, this is available with machine-filled PUF insulation for ensuring to eliminate void pockets. With a highly powerful and effective fan motor, it ensures uniform air circulation inside the chamber. This is a hermetically sealed compressor available with CFC-free refrigerant. In addition, this is provided with a chamber calibration port on the side as well as adjustable trays for ensuring maximum efficacy.


A Standalone Chamber can be designed to simulate temperature and humidity conditions, individually or simultaneously in the same working volume. The working volume is kept at an adequate height to allow easy loading and unloading. A uniform airflow is maintained and its speed is set according to chamber specifications to ensure uniform temperature. Separate sensors are used to measure temperature and humidity, along with separate heaters and cooling coils.

The Standalone Chamber can be air cooled or water cooled as per the customer’s requirements.

  • Independent safety sensor and controller to trip the system in case of any malfunction
  • Front opening door with double wall insulation, observation window, heavy duty hinges and lockable clamps
  • Multi-pane glass of 300mm by 300mm for observation
  • Non-flammable Rockwool of 125mm thickness
  • Two pluggable holes of 75mm and 125mm for connection to unit inside the chamber
  • Inconel sheathed heaters, evenly spaced outside the usable zone
  • On-board display of all Interlocks and Protections
  • On-board or PC Software based profile generation and parameter monitoring
  • RS-232 Interface with PC for communication


Walk In Test Chamber are designed for simulating, monitoring & control of environmental conditions like temperature & humidity. All these chambers are double walled & modular in construction, easy to assemble at site. They are available in standard sizes & can also be tailor made to suit specific requirements. Forced air circulation with the help of fan blower maintains uniform conditions. 

Construction Double walled prefabricated modular panels with PUF insulation, easy to assemble at site Standard model with inner of Stainless Steel (304 Grade) and outer Powder coated steel sheet GMP model with inner (316Grade) and outer of Stainless Steel (304 Grade)CFC free Refrigeration system with split type condensing unit located outside lab helps to emit hot air beyond working area Heating by long lasting SS tubular heaters Humidity by steam injection. Boiler and water reservoir made of SS with heater and low water level cut off Forced Air Circulation by heavy duty motor SS racks and trays

Oven Incubator Manufacturer

Double walled inner made of thick S.S 304, outer made of heavy duty S.S 304. Temp range 50°C to 250°C Temp accuracy ± 2°C controlled by micro processor based digital controller & air circulation for better uniformity. Supplied with s.s. wire mesh sieves.


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