The main objective of the society shall be to facilitate the working ladies to care for their child or children during their working hours. To undertake research projects, carry out survey and prepare a report of such working ladies who are facing such problems and of those who can not afford to work as their child would be neglected if they start working in the offices. To make a full equiped child care centre so that the children would feel safe and happy if they are kept for the wohle day. To do all kinds of works connected with the main objectives of the society. To provide educational facility for the children. To make a good library for the children and a toy house for the kids. To make a centre for the women as their shelter house who are any how neeglected by the society and their family to facilitate work for them under the self employment scheme of government on indivdual and co-operative basis. To publish, produce, edit, distribute free or otherwise journals, magazines and other literature concerning the aims of society. To establish manage, maintain and run different types of technical and non-technical educational institutions, schools, colleges, residential schools, hadicapped homes, orphanage for the benefit of boys and girls of all communities and provide educational facilities, help meritoriuos children to get higher education and provide financial help time to time.


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