If you got a new car and want to protect it from the harsh external environment, bring your ride to us and we will protect it with the industry’s best PPF coating (paint protection film), Ceramic Coating, or Graphene coating depending on your budget and your requirements.

Your car is always noticed by others, and you don’t want to show up driving a dirty and unattractive car, so give your car a makeover with us.

We provide the best in class detailing services in Indore for your cars and bikes. We believe in a science-based approach to auto detailing and all our detailers are trained in the Science and Art of Detailing.

Bring your ride to us, and we will make sure you have the best-looking car among your friends


Ceramic Coating in Indore

Getting your car’s shine back to its showroom condition and further maintaining it for years is a dream for us. A simple car wash cannot do this for you, you need to get a nano coating done on your car if you want to maintain the gloss and protect your car from daily abuse.

We truly believe that CrystalShield Ceramic Coating for cars at CarzSpa Indore is one of the best coatings available in the Indian market. It has been developed especially keeping the Indian climate in mind so that you get the maximum out of the coating treatment.

It adds an additional protective layer to your car’s surface and gives it a shiny, glossy finish even brand-new cars do not have. Not to mention how easy it would be to maintain your car after the coating treatment.

Paint Protection Film, PPF coating in Indore

Protecting the bodywork of your beloved car with Paint Protection Film is a must to do!

The Aegis Paint Protection Films that we use at CarzSpa Indore are made to offer top-notch PROTECTION and DURABILITY for years to come. It safeguards your vehicle from unsightly damage such as stone chips, scrapes, light scuffs etc and helps you keep your car protected and looking new every day.


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