Promotion, rediscovery and enrichment of the Indian Cultural Heritage, philosophy, arts, crafts, science and technology.Promotion of values & ethics in private and public life. Research & creation of database on India and India related issues to facilitate sound policy making. Heritage, philosophy, arts, crafts, science and technology Identification of the most pressing problems faced by the Indian Society and the nation, formulating policies and programs of action for solving such problems. To provide training to women of weaker section in different skills like book binding, sewing, cutting, knitting, embroidary, mushroom culture, Extraction of honey, candle making, etc for their better economic development & there economic freedom. To publishSouvenir/literature/books/magazines and research journals based on rural studies. To grant scholarship, stipends, reward to poor, meritorious, students of society. To grant relief to/for the people affected by war, earthquakes, flood, fire, famine and other natural calamaties. To organize vocational training in agro based industries like poultry, fisheries, carry-cultural handlooms etc.


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