The most common neurological symptom is headache. Headache is classified mainly into two categories: Primary and secondary. Primary headache is usually benign and longstanding. Common primary headaches are migraine and tension type headache. They have typical features – Migraine, tends to be pulsating in character, affecting one side of the head, associated with nausea, disabling in severity and it usually lasts between 3 hours and 3 days. Secondary Headache: This may be caused by problems elsewhere in the head or neck. Some of these are not harmful, such as cervicogenic headache (pain arising from the neck muscles). Medication overuse headache may occur in those using excessive analgesics or other medication for headache. Neurowellness provides the best treatments for various brain problems, spine problems and neurovascular problems like Brain Tumors, brain aneurysms, AVMs, Brain injury, Sciatica, Disc Prolapse (slip disc), Slip vertebra, CV junction problems, Spine Injury and other complex conditions requiring surgical intervention.


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