Kyoritsu KEW India Pvt. Ltd. traces its origin to Kyoritsu, Japan – afrontline global presence in Electrical Test &Measurement Equipment since 1940, with specialized expertise in Low Voltage Test & Measurement. In India, the company has been active for many decades already, through an Agency operation offering world class products optimized for Indian needs at ‘just right prices’. Many of these products have for long been the choice equipment of every Indian electrical installation professional. In the recent past, through a multifaceted joint venture, Kyoritsu KEW India, Kyoritsu’s commitment to the Indian Electrical Industry fraternity was re-energized with a seal of permanence. As India evolves as a global manufacturing / services hub, Kyoritsu KEW India wants to play a significant role in it, and add power to the ‘SkillIndia’ movement. Together onwards, to a more empowered future.


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No. 4, S. P. Nagar, Navrangpura, C.G. Road, C.G. Road