Generally people are excited to know important events of their life.

If you are interested to know your future, we offer “Detailed Life Astrology Report”(Life Horoscope Predictions) which is prepared on the basis of your birth chart. Birth chart is generated as per date, time and place of your birth.

Description of the following areas of life :

Characteristics, physical features, Your personality, personality traits and basic strength of your horoscope.

Money matters like income sources, magnitude of success, success in investments

Career, Education, Business, Partnerships, property luck, Unearned wealth.

Debt, Health, competition, enemies.

Love / Marriage / Children.

Expenditure, Losses and events that are beyond your control.



Sometimes we want to know our future for taking decisions and for security, but we don’t have any birth data (date, time and place). In such case, either we go for confused way to know the future or we stop searching accurate method, but there is an excellent way to know the future and find the correct remedies, i.e., Palmistry.

Services of Palmistry:

Palm Report

Palm Match Making


Finding a true love partner is very important work to ensure good and prosperous life. It is highly advisable to get horoscope matched of both partners before entring into a relationship. This is to ensure you don’t experiences relationship problems in future.

Gun Milan:

Mental Compatibility:

Manglik(Mangal) Dosh:


Separative Tendencies:




Every person have desire for rewarding career which brings them most satisfaction. When I will get a new job? Is the overseas job good for me? Is it good time to change job? What will be my earning potential? These types of questions come to job seeker’s mind.

Career Astrology helps you for understanding of your capabilities, your challenges, your talents, and your dreams. It helps you to know an insight information for your potential, talents, communication abilities, challenges and relationship with your boss and colleagues.

India Astrology system can helps you to take better decisions and plan your career better for secured and better future.


We can provide you the following details:

Most suitable gemstone for you.

Correct weight of gem stone.

Right metal with gemstone to be used.

A uspicious Date & time to wear gemstone with wearing instructions to get maximum benefit.

Mantra to energized before wearing.

Gem stones to minimize personal problems like education, career, life or health problems.


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