The manufacturing process of prime gold group's product includes hot rolled steel bars passed through water. This makes the surface hard and keeps the core warmer and softer. The hard surface gives strength to the bar and makes it resistant from corrosion. On the other hand, softer core gives ductility to the bar which makes the structure of the building flexible.Prime gold Group is one of the best TMT Bars Manufacturers, SS Pipes, Cement Distributor in India   Prime gold TMT bars are manufactured using the latest tempcore technology. Primegold review and evaluate every factors involved in the production to ensure they meet all the quality requirements. Owing to the particular properties such as high ductility, elongation property, corrosion and fire resistance properties and a long service life, the products are perfectly suited for varied applications in the commercial sector.   Primegold lab is a fully-equipped, in-house machine shop to provide quality products. The engineers, chemists and technicians in our mechanical lab are highly experienced and provide technical expertise to assure finest quality steel bars. Raw materials inspection, chemical analysis and testing are done to ensure product safety and reliability.     Mechanical Lab   Prime gold qualified experts with broad knowledge of protection and safety activities make sure only superior quality products reach the market.     Qualified Experts     Prime gold provides the complete assistance to their customers regarding the technical aspects and cost factors. With these guidelines, customer can buy materials which conveniently suit their constructions.? Purchase Assistance   PrimeGold strive constantly to deliver optimum quality products and services by incorporating the manufacturing unit with advanced technologies and world-wide marketing and distribution which are surely meet the perceived standards of customer satisfaction and let their faith grow bigger.? Our Vision   The highly qualified and well trained engineers can give efficient supply chain and provides the complete tour and demonstration while delivering.? Delivery


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