The Arabic script is among the most beautiful in the world, owing to its unique curves, dots, loops and dashes. As Muslims took the Quran to different parts of the world, they not only carried with them the Book's beautiful message, but also the marvellous Arabic script it was written in. Thus began the tradition of Islamic calligraphy, the art of writing the holy verses in highly evolved stylish forms. Calligraphy became an integral part of Islamic art, and calligraphers were revered artists in the Ottoman and Mughal courts.   In the modern digital age, Islamic calligraphy continues to thrive. But free online digital Islamic calligraphy images have, quite literally, dried the pens of traditional calligraphers. We, at Baradari, believe that no software can compete with the mastery of a traditional calligrapher. Established in November 2016 in Lucknow, India, Baradari is an art store that seeks to revive and promote original, handwritten Islamic calligraphy by giving it a modern, contemporary twist and making it available at affordable, reasonable rates. Each of our Islamic calligraphic artworks has been written by a master calligrapher,  and printed on high-quality canvas or fine art paper for a modern, contemporary look. Decorate your office or home, or gift a loved one, with our artworks. We ship across the world. For purchases, email us at , or call us at   +91-9810560252   (11 am - 10 pm India Standard Time) These artworks are for personal use only, NOT for resale or use in other commercial projects.


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